What is Infuse?

  • Infuse Worship Development program is a ministry that exists to discover and develop musical talent in junior high and senior high students for the sole purpose of equipping them to be lead worshipers.
  • No previous formal training or experience is required to join the program.

Who is Infuse?

  • We are looking for students who want to learn, be mentored, and have a desire to lead others in a corporate worship setting.
  • Students must be in 7th through 12 grades to enroll in the program.  Also, they must attend 1st Assembly - Muldrow | Roland to qualify for the mentorship.
  • Any student currently participating on a worship team in ZONE or Pulse Student Ministries is required to enroll in the program. 
  • Any student desiring to be a part of a worship team in ZONE or Pulse Student Ministries is invited to enroll in the program.  

When is Infuse?

  • Infuse meets twice a month on Sunday afternoons for hands-on training from our Worship Pastor and members of the Worship Ministry team.  
  • This gives the students an opportunity to learn the information and then go home and practice what they've been taught. 
  • Launch Day: September 9th, 2018: 3:00PM-5:00PM

How Do I Infuse?

  • If you are interested in participating in the Infuse Worship Development program, please sign up below and our Worship Pastor will be setting up a meeting with you and your parent.  
  • After the sign-up form is completed, an official interview will be scheduled for you and your parents to learn more about how the program works.
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Students may only participate in one Track at a time. Once they have graduated from one Track, they are eligible to begin the program again and enroll in another Track if they choose.


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